Flex your skills and win a paid internship inside the kids media industry.
We’ve got opportunities with YOUR name drawn on!

Do you sketch your way through seminars, colour your way through company meetings, or doodle during dinner dates? Then The Secret Story draw is for you.

We’re looking for amazing talent for a new initiative dedicated to placing Black, Asian and Minority-Ethnic illustrators and animators into some of the country’s best studios.

We want you to use one of our secret stories, written by the best children’s writing talent around, get inspired and flex your creative skills. The secret bit is, you won’t know whose story you’ve chosen until we announce the winners!

Meet the writers

Brilliant stories, amazing writers.

Each one of our world class writers has created and crafted an anonymous short story. We need you to visually bring it to life.

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Opportunities are prizes.

Getting a break in any industry is difficult no matter how talented you are. We’ve teamed up with the best companies in the business to offer paid internships to set your career and talent on the right track. Could it be you?

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We need YOU!

Submit your art.

We’ve got fantastic writers, we’ve got amazing internships, NOW we need your creative brilliance. If you’re over 18, black, asian or minority ethnic and want to make a career from your talent, this could be your chance.

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The judges

Meet the panel.

We’ve lined up an exceptional panel of judges drawn from all corners of the children’s media industry. Each judge is brilliant in their own field and has years of experience.

Meet the judges

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